Where Have I Seen You?

Places where my visualizations, or my thoughts about visualization, have been featured.

Conference Presentations

Beyond Design: Secrets for Creating Engaging and Effective Information Experiences (with Layla Manheim)

Tableau Conference (Nov 2019) | SF Bay Tableau User Group (Jan 2020) | Phoenix Tableau User Group (Sep 2019) | Boston Tableau User Group (Jul 2019)

In this session, two Zen Masters well-known for their design expertise will outline an approach to making exceptionally successful visual products in Tableau. You'll hear about how great designs are built, what decisions designers are making during the creative process, and, most importantly, how EVERYONE who uses Tableau can become better and more consistent designers. If you’ve ever lacked confidence in your “design skills,” this session is for you, because the biggest secret to be revealed is that success in dataviz creation lies … beyond design.


You Are An Artist: How And Why to Get Started Making Public Visualizations

Tableau Conference (Nov 2018)DC Data Visualization Meetup (Jan 2019)

Whether it’s for fun, for practice, for activism, or for pure curiosity, creating your own visualizations and putting them out in public has a tremendous upside—for you, your company, and the world. It doesn't have to be scary! In this talk, we will discuss various facets of public visualizations such as how to start vizzing in public, common design pitfalls to watch for, how to get comfortable with not succeeding, and much more.

The Benefits of Finding (and Being) a Tableau Mentor  (with Alicia Bembenek)

Tableau Conference (Nov 2018)DC Tableau User Group (Jul 2018)

You've decided you want to up your Tableau game, and you think you could use a mentor to help you. Great! A formalized, focused mentoring relationship can accelerate your professional development no matter what your level of expertise, from absolute beginner to seasoned veteran. After all, you don't need to go it alone: a good mentor can be an advocate, a facilitator, a guide, a teacher, and a coach. But to get the most out of your mentorship, it takes a commitment and investment in the process—on the part of both the mentor and the mentee. In this session, you'll hear about the specific benefits of finding—and being—a mentor, how to find the right mentoring relationship for you, and hear mentorship success stories from the Tableau community.

Truth, Beauty, Data, and You

Tableau Fringe Festival EMEA (Mar 2018)

An online conference talk about the power and responsibility of public expression.

Podcasts and Webinars


Datasaurus-Rex Podcast with Mike Cisneros

DSR Podcast: Episode 6 (May 2019)

David Murphy, better known as Datasaurus Rex, interviewed me about my baseball salaries dataviz, "Play (But Don't Pay) the Kids," for his video podcast. I don't like to play favorites, but I love the production values David brings to his podcast, and I enjoy his style of hosting quite a bit. There's an audio version of this podcast at http://bit.ly/2Gwob5z, but I think the video version is worth your time.


Tableau Conference 2018 with David Pires

Podcast Your Data: Episode 68 (Oct 2018)

David Pires interviewed me, along with several other members of the Tableau community, on this Interworks-sponsored show to talk about our upcoming presentations at the 2018 Tableau Conference in New Orleans. 


"That's the Introvert's Dream!"

Hashtag Analytics: Season 1, Episode 5 (Aug 2018)

A video podcast about Tableau and dataviz with hosts Luke Stanke and Ann Jackson.

Chopped Viz

Teknion Webinar (Aug 2018)

In this webinar co-hosted by Bridget Cogley and Joshua Milligan, the presenters deconstruct several notable data visualizations to reveal the techniques behind the designs. In this episode, Joshua chose to deconstruct Oil and Gold, one of my designs from 2017.

Mentoring With Alicia Bembenek and Mike Cisneros

Tableau Wannabe Podcast (Jul 2018)

The long-running Tableau podcast hosted by Matt Francis and Emily Kund.


Ten Questions With Mike Cisneros

Data Archaeology (Mar 2018)

A one-on-one discussion with Michael Sandberg.

#DataDiscussions With Mike Cisneros

Cloudstream Partners (Mar 2018)

An interview by Rebecca Roland.

Publications and Press

storytelling with data blog (June 2019–present)

Since joining storytelling with data officially, I have been writing regularly on a variety of data visualization and communication topics for the company's official blog.

AS A Guest author

Beyond Design Series

1. Effective data visualizations share this magical hidden structure 

2. Creating, not designing: the four goals of every information experience

3. Beyond the hook: Building information experiences for attention and engagement

4. Usability is the most satisfying design puzzle to solve

5. How to build information experiences for comprehension

6. How to get people to remember your visualization

Tableau Software (May-Aug 2019)

A series of articles co-authored with Layla Manheim discussing the philosophy behind our design decisions, and an accessible approach to design in data visualization that focuses on the information experience for the audience, rather than the mechanics of the visualization itself. It formed the core lessons of our eventual Beyond Design presentation at the 2019 Tableau Conference (and elsewhere).

#SWDchallenge: artisanal data | recap

storytelling with data (May 2019)

At the request of Cole Nussbaumer Knaflic, I created the topic and sample data visualization for one of the monthly challenges posed by Storytelling with Data, and contributed to Elizabeth Ricks's wrapup post as well.

Visualizing the Lifespans of 24 Presidential Campaigns Using Wagering Odds

Tableau Public (June 2016)

I was asked to write a guest post for the Tableau Public website about my Two Dozen Candidates visualization.



Makeover Monday: Improving How We Visualize and Analyze Data, One Chart At a Time 

Andy Kriebel and Eva Murray (Wiley Publishing, Oct 2018)

This 2018 book discusses the history of the Tableau community's collaborative public visualization initiative, #MakeoverMonday. It also traces many of the lessons learned by participants over the three years of the initiative's existence, and includes examples of work from many of the most active members. Designs of mine are featured several times, and I am profiled within the book as one of the project's long-term contributors.

How Data Visualization Supports Communication

Forbes (Jan 2019)

Eva Murray used visualizations of mine as examples of how aesthetic and editorial choices can take factually accurate data analyses and transform them into emotionally affecting visuals.

Looking Back on February’s Black History Month Collab... 

Distinct Values (Mar 2018)

This roundup on data.world of their collaborative effort with Tableau to visualize the data behind epochal moments in African-American history featured one of my visualizations.

Black History Month Celebrated 

Tableau Public (Mar 2018)

Article by Chantilly Jaggernauth highlighting a viz I created for the 2018 #VisualizeDiversity campaign.

A Breathtaking Illustration of How Congress Got So Partisan

Fast Company / Co.Design (Nov 2017) 

Article by Katharine Schwab highlighting my American Political Universe visualization.

Five Visualizations of Youth Employment in Latin America and the Caribbean

BID Factor Trabajo (Jun 2017)

Article featuring my visualization about LATAM youth employment.

Who Will Be America’s Next Top Modeler?

Slate (Nov 2016)

Jordan Ellenberg wrote an article prior to the 2016 Presidential election featuring my visualizations about prediction models.


Featured Visualizations

Selected as Tableau's Viz of the Day

landfall/close call

October 2, 2018

This is a multi-stage visualization about hurricanes, cyclones, tropical storms, and tropical depressions, using IBTrACS data (which combines 10 different observation stations' input to create a globally-aggregated best-estimate storm track for every tropical event since 1850). With gridded population data from CIESIN (splitting the world into squares 30 minutes on a side, or about 1500 square miles), I determined which populated areas on Earth had spent the most total days directly under the center of a hurricane or tropical storm. Subsequently, I created a visualization whereby viewers could select any city with population of 1 million residents or more, and see how many storm centers have tracked within 50, 100, or 250 miles of that city.

Most Dangerous Places

August 22, 2018

As part of a collaboration with the Armed Conflict Location and Event Data project, I created this geographic visualization. It combined gridded population estimates with ACLED's conflict event database to determine which places in Asia and Africa had the highest rates of mortality due to political conflicts. 

Malaria On the Decline in Zambia

April 18, 2018

This visualization used simulated data from the Visualize No Malaria project to show the decline in malaria cases within the Southern Province of Zambia.

Who Have We Been Missing?

January 19, 2018

This visualization chronicled the history of a two-year-old campaign to promote undiscovered design talent and get more people connected to a broader network of data visualization professionals and enthusiasts.

The American Political Universe

November 8, 2017

This visualization depicts the ideological leanings of every U.S. Member of Congress in history based on DW-NOMINATE scores.

ASSUMPTIONS: American Surnames

October 6, 2017

This visualization is an interactive tool meant to raise awareness about the lack of racial crossover in American surnames, and the unconscious biases we associate with something as innocuous, and simultaneously as essential, as a person's name.

Speaking My Language

January 5, 2015

This visualization is about the most valuable second language to learn, based on analysis performed in conjunction with Michael Brinn.

Any Given Sunday

November 28, 2014

This visualization explores differences among the four major professional sports leagues in the United States, specifically relating to the likelihood of teams' playoff successes based on regular season performances.

Featured in Tableau's Public Gallery

Oil and Gold

Notable Vizzes of 2017

Originally created as part of the #MakeoverMonday project, this visualization compares the rise and fall of monthly oil and gold prices over the past several decades. It was also selected as one of the works hung in the visualization gallery during Tableau Conference Europe 2017. 

How Much Water Does Our Food Require?

Greatest Hits

A visualization created as part of the #MakeoverMonday project, depicting how much water our food drinks, courtesy of the Water Footprint Network and UNESCO.

Youth Employment in Latin America

Social Good

A visualization showing data from the Inter-American Development Bank on youth employment in Latin American countries.