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A VIZ APART refers to several ideas.
  • A visualization is only a part of a complete information experience, and the beauty or elegance of an aesthetic design can only be considered as part of a successful creation.
  • Some works achieve this on every level, and that is what I aspire to create: a viz apart from the rest.
  • Many times, what I write about will be from the perspective of breaking down a creation to its component parts, or identifying specific elements that make it particularly noteworthy. Taking a viz apart to see what makes it amazing.
Thanks for coming to the site. I appreciate you taking the time.

About the Author

At various times in his career, Mike Cisneros has been: an editor; a software developer: a graphic designer; a data analyst; and an online community builder.
Today, he uses the skills learned from all these disciplines to provide elegant, persuasive, and effective data visualizations, for fun and profit.
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